OS Project 1 FAQ (2019-1)

1. Linux kernel build

  • The build is slow (case of virtual machine): allocate more processor, more memory resource.
  • Permission error
    • sudo [command]

2. Module build

  • Modify kernel for using “smap_gather_stats”
    • patch files: procrank-kernel
    • cp mm.h linux-5.0.9/include/linux/mm.h
    • cp task_mmu.c linux-5.0.9/fs/proc/task_mmu.c
  • “killed” message
    • You should check if p->mm is NULL
    • The mm struct is null for kernel threads.
    • You should print only “pid” and “process name” for kernel threads.

3. Result

  • Process name
    • You do not need to print the full name
  • USS
  • The output of module is different from that of procrank (some process)
    • We will test “mem”, “mem2”